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This website has been created by Jim Davis to permanently document our families’ history, ancestry, current contact information, descendants’ additions and more. 


The website is the result of a recognition that nearly all of our families’ history has been lost and unless it is now captured it will be permanently lost.  It includes information from a collection of documents available to Jim, Jim's and his sibling’s memories, pictures and vignettes from a number of Jim’s first cousins, particularly on Jim’s paternal (Davis) side of the family.  The extended Davis family is quite large.  Unfortunately, Jim’s maternal family (Ware) side is much smaller and currently limited to just Jim and his siblings. 


It is intended that this website be maintained into perpetuity thereby preserving this information and even more importantly containing documented future developments by those of us in this large, growing and important, at least to us, family.  It is hoped  that Jim’s family will add research on our Davis ancestors to this website. Please help Jim keep  the information on this website current and expand it with added relevant family information.  It is particularly important that family members promote this site as a venue for capturing and recording our Davis family history.


Please note the menu on the left, which can be used to navigate to other portions of the site. This menu can (and likely will) be modified as new sections are added to the website.


Thank you,


Jim Davis

September 2023