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The directory you can request from this page has personal information, such as e-mail addresses. To protect everyone's privacy, you must request it by sending an email to Jim, who will reply with a link to the encrypted file and the password to open the encrypted file.


It is a directory of only Ralph W. Davis's descendants. All those descendants may access this as needed. Judy Davis initiated this directory about 2010 and has maintained it since then. Also included in this directory is a listing of the Ralph Davis's family gatherings which been a mainstay in keeping our wonderful family connected.


Any other interested Greater Davis Family member may be granted limited access to this file providing the need is approved by Jim Davis or his designee.


Any other member of the Greater Davis Family who wishes to establish a similar directory of one of Ralphs siblings' descendants is free to do so, providing someone in that family is designated as the contact and maintenance person for that directory.


Jim Davis

September, 2023