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Welcome to Jim Davis’s autobiography. Jim is an Iowa farm boy, steeped in family values, shaped by strong parents and family, practiced throughout his life, resulting in an accomplished educational record, a dedicated Marine Corps officer, a successful corporate career, a life in active retirement of continuing his life-long practice of giving time and treasure back to society for the benefits and rewards of a blessed life well lived.


This autobiography is dedicated to Jim’s immediate and extended Davis family, including 22 currently living Davis first cousins – of originally 34 in his Davis’ family generation - a number of whom contributed to the Davis family history included in this project.  He has included contemporary current events in this work to provide connections to the Davis family life with the national and world events which very much helped shape these lives.

Since this autobiography will be continually updated as long as he is able to do so, any corrections and suggested additions from readers will be gladly accepted. Simply use the CONTACT JIM link on the menu at the left.


-Jim Davis, September, 2023 


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Part I - My Very Early Years (1935-1940)
Part II - My Years Five to Sixteen (1940-1952)
Part III - My College Years (1952-1956)
Part IV - My USMC Years (1956-1958)
Part V - Early Career Years (1958-1963)
Part VI - My HBS Years (1963-1965)
Part VII - My ADM/Ashland Oil Years (1965-1975)
Part VIII - My Ashland Oil Years (1975-1984)
Part IX - My Great Lakes Carbon Years (1984-1990)
Part X - My HRD Years (1990-1995)
Part XI - My Quanex Years (1995-2000)
Part XII - Karen's Final Years (2000-2003)
Part XIII - My Life with Francine (2003-2010)
Part XIV - Cindie's Fatal Accident (2010-2012)
Part XV - A Busy Retirement (2013-2014)
Part XVI - A Busy Retirement, Continued (2015-2018)
Part XVII - A Busy Retirement, Continued (2018-2019)
Part XVIII - A Busy Retirement, Continued (2020-2022)
Part XIX - A Busy Retirement, Continued (2023-2023)
Appendix One - The Ware Family - The Ware Family and William Penn Univ
Appendix Two - The Davis Family - Pearl Christensen & Safrona Speas Stories
Appendix Three - Jim's Parents & Siblings - Bob, Beverly, Nancy, Dick & Janie's Stories
Appendix Four - The Swanson Family