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Davis Family Genealogies


Included in this section of the website are the Family Trees of Tom and Mary Davis's eight children's families - as complete as current family members have provided.* These trees contain only information that is readily available in in county records in the U.S. counties' records as to one's identity and it is intended that this site be maintained thusly. Personal security is important.
*Additions and corrections are appreciated. Help keep this information accurate. Send your updates and corrections to Jim Davis using the CONTACT JIM link on the left side of this - and every - page. Thank you.

Also included is ancestry information of both Tom Davis and Mary Hobson Davis's families. The ancestry information is fairly comprehensive for the Tom Davis Family as covered in The Davis Family Comes to America. The Hobson Family information is far from complete. However, we want to preserve this information for all of their descendants, in the hope that someone will further develop the ancestry information of these families. 

Click on any of the following links to access this information:

Our Davis Family Comes to America - Charles Davis arrives about 1724
Tree - Thomas Wilson Davis & Mary Anne Davis, and generations 2 through 4
Tree - Generations 4 through 6
Genealogy Table - Birth and death dates