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Our Davis Family Comes to America


My sixth great grandfather Charles Davis (or possibly Davies) was born in Wales, U.K. about 1706 and immigrated to the U.S. in about 1725, landing in Philadelphia.  Charles was a Quaker and practiced this religion as did many of his descendants and their families.  

Charles married Hannah Matson also, a Quaker, in 1732 in Philadelphia.  They had eight children the first two being sons,  Thomas and John.  These two Davises are responsible for all of  our U.S. ancestors named Davis.  My families are descendants of John.  All of Charles and Hannah’s daughters married and their children therefore had different last names. 


We are quite fortunate that two of John’s descendants have published books tracing our ancestry. The first book,  “Charles and Hannah (Matson) Davis and their descendants” written by Earl H. Davis, (now deceased, my first cousin  seventh removed*), was published in 1956 with some updates added in 1962.  This book  is out of print, however, Jesse Raye Smitherman, my first cousin twice removed, has a copy which she generously loaned me. This book is  well researched and documents our ancestry using a variety of sources especially U.S. Quaker’s sources.  There is also copied in this book many letters and other communications about Charles Davis’ descendants claiming a supposed Charles Davis estate from his family in the U.K. for which seemingly no claim was successful.  This book does not attempt to  pursue Charles genealogy in the U.K. so that is something that might yet be done by one or more of our Davis Family members.


*Earl provided a family tree chart at the back of his book connecting his paternal grandparents ancestry lineage from himself back to Charles Davis and 1706 and several other  ancestry families, including the Hobsons (George Hobson from England in the 1600’s who married an Elizabeth, and five other families dating from various 1600’s). It is not comprehensive however it is a valuable road map for future genealogy research.


Here is Earl’s description of himself in his book:  



EARL HARRISON DAVIS (whose third great grandfather is my fifth great grandfather, John) is the  son of Thomas V. and Catherine M. (Colvin) Davis, born July 23, 1888, near Murray, Nebr.; married January 5, 1928 at Long Beach, Calif., Floy Dunham, born January 6, 1895, daughter of Edward Bryon and Martha Mindwell (Wheaton) Dunham. 

Earl graduated University of Nebraska in 1912. Attended Library School at the University of Wisconsin 1913-1914 and the New York State Library School at Albany, New York 1915-1916.  Worked in the St. Louis Public Library, the Long Beach Public Library, and finally at the Los Angeles County Law Library.  At present in charge of the Long Beach of the Los Angeles County Law Library.

Military Service: Enlisted June 9, 1917 in the 2d Engineers at St. Louis, Mo., the unit name was later changed to the 12thEngineers Light Railway. Left for France July 28th, 1917, discharged at Camp Funston, Kans. May 16, 1919.  Address: 3743 Elm Ave., Long Beach 7, Calif.

Their children:  Martha Jane, born December 24, 1928 & Ruth Ann, born November 11, 1931.


My brief attempt to contact any of Earl’s family to learn if there are copies of the book available or, more importantly, if there are any digitized copies of the book somewhere on the Internet was not fruitful.  The book is not available through Google Books or the Internet Archive,  although Google Books does list libraries which might have copies of the book.  Importantly, also is that the author stated in this book that he was working on establishing the genealogy of the Hobson family, which would have included my grandmother Mary (Hobson) Davis.  In the future, I will pursue contacting Earl’s family to learn more about his work, acquiring a copy of this book and learning anything he had on the Hobson family.  


I have copied several pages/sections from Earl Davis’ book, and posted them below, as much of his book will probably  soon be completely lost to our family and some of this information, should be preserved.


The second book, also out of print, is “Davis: A Quaker Family”, written by Eleanor M. Davis, my first cousin seventh removed, who is also deceased. This book was  published in 1985 and was digitized on the Internet Archive by The Boston Public Library in 2015. This book is also available on Google Books.  It can be accessed without charge using the links below. This book which was recognized by a leading genealogy organization for its excellent research and documentation, is a wonderful source of information on our Davis Family, and  includes some information on Charles Davis (Davies) U.K. ancestors.  


Eleanor states in the preamble to her work “One often finds discrepancies among dates recorded by different persons at different times.  These discrepancies have been resolved (in her book) by using the date closest to the event.”  This is glaringly evident in the variance between these two books of the dates of birth of Charles and Hannah’s eight children, as shown below:

  Name Earl Davis' Book Eleanor Davis' Book
  John 9/28/1733 4/28/1735
  Thomas 1/18/1734 3/18/1734
  Sarah ~1739 ~1739
  Elizabeth 12/12/1737 12/12/1737
  Hannah 5/14/1744 5/14/1744
  Thamar 4/11/1749 4/11/1749
  Mary ? ?
  Abigail 5/14/1751 5/14/1751


I suspect that Eleanor’s birth dates are more accurate as she had Earl’s book as one of her primary references and she would have resolved to her satisfaction  the birthdates of Charles and Hannah’s children as well as other discrepancies she might have identified.  As discussed in both books historic dates are written in several formats making it confusing to even record the date one wants to record and certainly when documenting events 300 years old.  
Eleanor’s book can be accessed using either of the following links: 
>>On Internet Archive
>>On Google Books
(Please note that the Google Books reference is a better presentation with no time limit.  The Internet Archive web-page opens as  double pages; however, the screen can be changed to single page which makes the document much more legible-although some of the time when opening this book in a single page window, some pages are not visible or skipped.  This book is only available for one hour at a time, however, there is very little current demand for the book and one can renew almost continuously. Regardless, using the Google Books resource is more convenient.)
There are extensive records of the U.S. Quakers  in the various documents of the Friends Society Monthly Meetings.   These “Meetings” were organized pretty much throughout the U.S. Additionally, there are numerous books written about the Quakers in the U.S.,  including extensive writings by William Wade Hinshaw, whose Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy was published in 1969 as well  as his other publications  rich with Quaker members’ genealogy.  Many of these publications  are available on Internet Archive and Google Books.
(As a side note, specifically to my immediate family, both my paternal and maternal ancestry were Quakers.  I believe that all four of my grandparents were from Quaker Families – we know that the Davis, Hobson and Ware families were for sure and quite probably my maternal grandmother, who was a Pemberton  however, I haven’t researched this. Additionally, since some of the Davises from Charles Davis lineage moved from North Carolina to Indiana where my grandfather Ware was born, he might have also been related to Charles Davis somehow. I do not yet know where my maternal grandmother and her family were born.  I need to research all of this however, there is only one reference to a Ware and none to a Pemberton in Eleanor and Earl’s books!)
Eleanor’s book also has an interesting prelude, particularly with respect to others doing follow on genealogy research on our  family, which I copy verbatim here: 

  “Years ago, someone told me “Davis” was the fifth most common surname in the United States.  As I recall, Smith, Jones, Williams and Johnson outranked it.  Decades of population growth may  have displaced Davis from the top five, but certainly it is still common.  Davises are everywhere!
The Davis family of this history  is distinguishable from the rest in that it began as a Quaker family.  It was not the only Quaker Davis family by any  means, or the most prominent, but it does appear to have been either the most prolific, or the most loyal to the faith across the  generations.
While many present-day members of the family belong to other faiths and may know little of Quaker ways, they share the same heritage as the many who still belong to the Society of Friends. They had Quaker ancestors.
I have spent years poring over a jigsaw puzzle of Davises trying to find and fit the pieces together.  I am not finished.  There are still missing pieces, and no doubt some ill-fitting ones as well. Nonetheless, with limited resources nearly exhausted, it is time to make the results of my efforts available so they will not be lost. In (the) future maybe someone else will carry on.
Toward that end, I have tried to indicate precisely which records  that I have consulted and where I found each fact so that users of this volume may retrace my  steps without the travail associated with turning up the information in the first place. I recommend that those interested in a particular line of descent check my sources. If they have information I lacked, they may find things that I missed, read correctly a poorly written name that I misread, or spot a faulty  conclusion I leaped to about relationships.  Be advised that where I have given information based solely on census records, or where I have placed individuals geographically based on locations of Quaker meetings, a healthy dose of skepticism is in order.” 


I have included herein and in the genealogy document following ONLY  those members with direct lineage from Charles Davis (my sixth great grandfather) to our immediate family, although I have listed all of the siblings and their spouses of each of these members but not the children of these siblings or other descendants in this lineage.  I have also extracted comments, particularly from Earl’s book, about each member of this lineage to prevent the loss of this info – as Eleanor’s comments will be preserved by having a copy of her book on Internet Archive and Google Books. 


Eleanor’s comments about Charles Davies (Davis) begin on page 11 of her book. 


Here are the introductory comments on Charles Davis from Earl Davis’ book (copied directly with typos and misspellings):  



Charles Davis (or Davies) the founder of this family in America was born about 1706 in Wales, England. One authority states that Charles Davies came to America when 18 years of age, in the year 1724/5, from Wales Road, Blockley, London, England. (1). The names of his parents are not known, except that his father was either Charles or Joseph (brothers) one location of Charles Davies home in England is found in the statement made by the descendants of Charles Davis in their claim to an estate in England. The descendants of Charles Davis claim their grandfather often spoke o the estate to which would become heir to, but the records which would establish his relationship and right to the estate were said to have been lost by Charles Davis from his saddle when he crossing a stream. (Another party claims the records were destroyed by his wife as she feared that if he returned to England to claim the estate he would drafted into the Army.).


Such records as we do have of Charles Davis clearly indicate that he was a man of considerable integrity, and it does not seem probable that he would have such a claim unless there had been some basis for such a claim. As a result of the feeling that this estate existed, the heirs of t Charles Davis have made several attempts to lay claim to the estate which they felt was due them. I have copies of many pages of correspondence written by the alleged heirs, written in an endeavor to lay claim to this estate. Quite a number of years ago I tried to get in touch with an attorney in Ohio who handled at least one such an attempt, but was unable to get any reply from him. The last attempt made to collect this estate, so far as I am aware was in 1915, when this group stated the number of the estate is 21709 on the record book of unclaimed estates in England. The heirs claimed that the reason they could not prove their right to the estate was because they could not prove his mother's name.


So many fraudulent estate have been claimed to be due families living in America that all we can truefully say is that Charles Davis's immediate descendants believed this was true, and Charles himself had apparently claimed it as a fact. Perhaps it is well to leave the idea of the existence of such an estate rest unanswered - at least from the standpoint of expecting to secure any money. It is to be regretted that to date noone has been able to trace our English ancestry. I hope some one can take up this search.


(1) Davis, Evington E Genealogy of Charles Davis and descendants from 1706 to 1908. 5 page pamphlet.


According to a record found written in the back of one of the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting Books of Minutes, Charles Davis, as was the custom of the time, was bound out as an apprentice, by his mother. The apprenticeship was at the weavers trade, which was not to the liking of Charles. He secured passage to America without his mother's knowledge. He landed at Philadelphia. Pa., in 1725, and his services were sold to pay his passage, as was frequently done at this time by those who could not pay their expense of the ocean voyage.(2)


The first definite record which we find of Charles Davis (or Davies) in this country was in 1732, seven years later. In a book of Miscellaneous Certificates, birth and Burial Records, page 463, Radnor Monthly Meeting 1680-1773, appears the marriage record of Charles Davies, of Blockley in the County of Philadelphia & Province of Pennsylvania and Hannah Matson, (daughter of John Matson of Merion, in the same county & province) dated 12th month 9th day 1732/3/ (Old style).


"PURSUANT to a law of Pennsylvania to prevent Clandestine Marriages: Charles Davies of Blockley in the County of Philadelphia & Province of Pennsylvania aforesaid and Hannah Matson (daughter of John Matson of Merion in the same County & Province Aforesaid) with the consent of her father; having published their intentions of marriage with each other according to law,


Now these may Certify whom in may concern that on the ninth day of the Twelfth month in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & thirty two. They the sd Charles Davies & Hannah Matson met at the house of Charles Read, Esqr. one of his Majesties Justices for the County & City of Philada. Before whom the sd Charles Davies took the sd Hannah by the hand & did in a Solemn manner openly declare that to took ye sd Hannah Matson to be his wife promising with Gods Assistance to be unto her a loving & faithful husband until death should Separate them, and then and there the sd Hannah Matson did likewise openly declare that she took the sd Charles Davies to be her husband, promising with Gods Assistance to be unto him a faithful and loving wire until death should separate then.


And more(over) the sd Charles Davies & Hannah who according to the custom of Marriage assuming the name of her husband as a further confirmation thereof did then & there to those Presents set their hands, and we whose names are also hereunder Suscribed being Present at the Solemnization of the sd Marriage' suscription have as witnesses thereunto set our hands the day & year above written.

12mo. 9. 1742/3

Charles Davies

Hannah Davies


James Jones 

Enoch Lewis

Evan George                                                     Cha:  Road, Justice

Thos Evan                                                                     John Matson, Jr.

Chris: Andeson                                                             Daniel Matson                      

Richd. George                                                               Mary Andrew

Thos. George                                                                Jane George

Danl. Williams                                                               Ellin Jones

Edwd. Williams                                                             Sarah William

Thos. Winson                                                                Sarah Road

Jonathan Taylor

Ledowick Gowgar


Records of Radnor Monthly Meeting, 1680-1733, from a Book Miscellaneous Certificates, Birth and Burial Records, page 463. (Collections Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania)


Charles Davies was received as a member at the Goshen Monthly Meeting, Chester county, Pennsylvania (4 mi. N.E. of West Chester) on 11th mo 21 day 1739. On 10th mo. 20 day 1742 they requested a certificate from the Newton Monthly Meeting, and on the 11th mo. 17th day 1742/3 a certificate was signed at the Goshen MM to Hopewell MM in Virginia.


Hopewell MM. VA. “1742/3 11,17 Charles (Davies) & w. Hannah, get Hopewell, VA., by Goshen MM,PA. (Hinshaws Encyclopedia of Am Quaker Genealogy, , v.6 p.382)


Fairfax MM VA. 1750,25,6 Charles & w. Hannah, & ch. got Carver’s Creek MM,N.C. (Carver’s Creek MM. in Bladen co., N.C. Record books of this meeting lost). Hinshaws Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, v.6, p.485-6.


“Charles and Hannah & ch. were evidently transferred from Barver’s Creek MM to Cane Creek MM. N.C. in 10th mo 1751 when Cane Creek was established, since they were charter members of Cane Creek MM., Cane Creek records show that Charles & Hannah had several ch. Including John, b.28,9,1735 in Chester Co., Pa, & Thomas,b.18,1,1734; John m. Mary Chamness; Thomas m. Elizabeth Knox”.


They may have left Virginia several years before these certificates were issued, as the birth of one of their children in 1748 is given as Orange county, N.C.


The Cane Creek MM minutes state on the 7th month 4th day 1761 “The Preparative meeting informs thus that they think it expedient to recommend Charles Davis as minister. In 1761 8th mo. 1stday he was appointed as a minister. Five years later, 1788 12 mo. 6th day he complained that the women’s minutes “of being mixed with an untruth and after repeated labor with him to show the inconsistency of his so rash an assertion but to no purpose now this meeting disowns.” No further mention of Charles Davis occurs in the records of the Friends church. He probably never withdrew his charges, and was not reinstated in membership in the church. His wife Hannah however was granted a certificate 5th mo. 6th day 1775 to Center MM. from Center dated 1777 1st mo. 18th day.  After Charles disownment, in 1788 4th mo. 5th day Hannah (with h.) & children granted a certificate to Deep River MM.


Charles Davis died May 13, 1801, and Hannah his wife died October 25, 1812.

    The children of Charles and Hannah (Matson) Davis:


                        John, born September 28, 1733; married Mary Chamness.

                        Thomas, born January 18, 1734; married Elizabeth Knox.


                        Elizabeth, born December 12, 1737; married Thomas Vestal.


                        Sarah, born in 1739; married Thomas Cox.


                        Hannah, born May 14, 1744; married Hugh Moffitt.


                        Thamar, born October 11, 1748; married Thomas Cox. 


                        Mary,  (birthdate not found); married William Moffitt.


                        Abigail, born May 14, 1751; married Abraham  Osborn

                                                              Married 2nd Owen Williams.


We continue by copying from Earl Davis’ book, the following description of John Davis, my fifth great grandfather: (Copied verbatim spelling & punctuation errors all.)



John Davis,  son of Charles and Hannah (Matson) Davis, born September 28, 1733, in Chester county, Pennsylvania (1); died November 21, 1806; married October 25, 1759 (1) Mary Chamness, born September 11, 1743 in Fredrick county, Maryland, daughter of Anthony and Sarah (Cole) Chamness (1).  She died June 22, 1819, and was buried in the Cane Creek MM cemetery.  They lived in Orange (now Chatham) county, N.C.


It has been claimed that John Davis served as a private in the  Revolutionary War in Captain William Earl’s Company of the 181 North Carolina Regiment of the militia, commanded by Samuel Jarvis (6) But recently  the D.A.R. refused to accept any further memberships under this claim, apparently feeling in doubt that this service  related to this John Davis.  However old family letters refer to his serving in this war.


Anthony Chamness, was a son of John and Anna Chamness.  He was born in East Smithfield, London,  February 5, 1713.  Sarah Cole, was a daughter of Joseph and Susanna Cole,  of Baltimore county, Maryland.  She was born May 1, 1718.  Anthony and Sarh Chamness were married probably in the fall of 1736.  They had 13 children.  See History  of the Chamness family, by Zimri Hanson.  They moved to North Carolina about 1747-48, and were members of the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting.  After Sarah’s death at age 55 Anthony married at Deep Creek MM., September 1, 1766 Rachel Haworth, daughter of Stephanus Haworth.  She died March 19, 1775 (Deep River, MM.).  He married 3r May 9, 1776 Margaret Williams, born in 1721 in Pa., the widow of William Williams. (4)


Fairfax MM. VAT.  Anthony  Chamness & w Sarah ^ 6 ch.  Elizabeth, Susannah, Joseph, Sarah, Mary & Martha got Cot Carver’s Creek MM, Bladen co. N.C. 6-6-1749.  (Note: When Cane Creek MM was established 7-10-1751 this family was transferred to Cane Creek MM. (Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, v. 6 pl 481


The children of John and Mary (Chamness) Davis:


                        Joseph, born January 12, 1761; married Hannah Doane.

                         William, born October 24, 1863; married Ann Marshall            

                        Sarah, born February 28, 1766; married Joshua Piggott

John, born March 4, 1768; married Hannah Bills; m.2 Elizabeth Jarvis; married 3d. Rebecca (Thompson) Hutchins.

Charles, born February 4, 1771; married Hannah Pigott.

Hannah,  born January 11, 1773; married Isaac Barker.

Mary,  born June 7, 1775; married George Shugart.

Thomas, born March 2, 1778; married Hannah Horney.

Tamer, born August 3, 1780;  married Job Ratliff.

Elizabeth, born December 26, 1782; married Enoch Barker.

Rachel, born September 19, 1785; married William Pike.


Eleanor’s book has a bit more info on John Davis (Davies) including a copy of his will and the disposition of his assets, which can be found beginning on page 23 of her book.


The comments on Joseph Davis, my fourth great grandfather in Earl’s book are meager, reciting basically his genealogy and some limited comments from several different Quaker Monthly Meetings of which he or his family were members.  Copied verbatim:



Joseph Davis son of John and Mary (Chamness) Davis, born January 12, 1761 in  Orange County, N.C.; married (Cane Creek MM) June 14, 1781 Hannah Doane, born March 6,1764 in Orange county, N.C., daughter of John and Ruth (Dixon) Doane, of Chatham county, N.C.  (Skipping the references to the three MM comments w/r/t locations  they lived within N.C.)


Their children:


                        Ruth, born April 26, 1782; married Benjamin Piggott.

                        John, born June 1, 1784; married Sarah Wheeler.

                        William, born December 19, 1786; married Mary Hutchins.

                        Rebecca, born September 7, 1789; married Mahon Cox.

                        Thomas, born June 7, 1791; married Elizabeth Hutchins.

                        Dinah B. born June 25, 1793; married John Hickman.

                        Charles, born July 3, 1795; married Bridget Hadley.

                        Mary, born August 18, 1797; married Zachariah Reece.

                        George born July 26, 1799;  died October 12, 1805.

                        Hannah, born September 22, 1801.

                        Joseph, born August 29, 1804.

                        Ann, born October 22, 1808.



Elanor’s book contains considerable information on Joseph including his children, land holdings and will.  All of which is developed primarily from detailed cited references.  It is interesting reading and can be found on page 50 of her book.


The comments on Thomas in Earl’s book are very brief and are copied verbatim below. Elenanor’s comments are considerably more expansive and can be found on page 110 of her book. Earl’s comments are:



Thomas Davis son  of Joseph and Hannah (Doane) Davis born June 3, 1791; died May 12, 1881: married (Deep Creek MM) March 29, 1813* Elizabeth Hutchins, born in 1793; died September 19, 1861, daughter of Jonathan and (Elizabeth) Hutchins.  Jonathan was a private in Col. Drake’s regiment at the surrender of Cornwallis.  


Their children: (supplemented with info from Eleanor’s book.)


Mary,  born January 31, 1815 in Surry Col,  NC: died August  20, 1891; married William Jester (in 1832).

Josiah, born in 1817 in Surry Co., NC; died June 15, 1888;  married L Louvina E. Reece In 1840.

Ruth, born in 1818 in Surry Co., NC; married Joab Carter in 1844.

Susannah, born in 1822 in Surry Co., NC; married Robert Fletcher.

Hannah, born April, 28, 1824 in Surry Co., NC; married William L. Taylor.    Elizabeth, born October 10, 1826 in Surry Co., NC; married James M. Fletcher (1st marriage) in 1846, married Cornelius Angel (2nd marriage).

Rebecca, born February 23, 1829 in Surry Co., NC; married William W. Patterson in 1844.

John Chalmers July,  28, 1833 in Surry Co., NC; married Joanna M. Truelove in 1850.

Lucinda, born March 8, 1836 in Surry Co., NC; married William D. Poindexter (1st marriage) and Thomas Hall (2nd marriage) in 1862.       

            *Disowned marriage out of unity, no longer member of Deep Creek MM.


The comments on Josiah Davis, my second great grandfather, in Earl’s book include a bit more information.  Whereas Eleanor’s comments are more extensive but there are a number of discrepancies between these two books.  Elanor’s comments can be found on page 211of her  book. Earl’s comments (supplemented by Eleanor’s) are: 



Josiah Davis son  of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hutchins) Davis born in 1815; died June 15,1888: married abt. 1840 “Vina” Louvina Elizabeth Reece, born in 1821; died May 14, 1878. Both are buried in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery, near Boonville, N.C. (Records are from their monuments in the cemetery.)


Children (supplemented with info from Eleanor’s book.)

Lettie Jane, b. in 1843 in Surry Co., NC; m Andy McCollum in 1882.

Thomas, b. in 1843 in Surry Co., NC; m Augusta Poindexter in 1862.

Jesse F., b. October 15, 1844 in Surry Co., NC; m Malinda Willard in 1870

      (1st marriage), m Sarah M. Hutchens (2nd marriage).

Stephen, b. March 11, 1847 in Surry Co. NC; m Rachel M. Hobson.

James Columbus, b. April 27, 1848 in Surry Co., NC; m America C. Angell*

Mary, b. March 26, 1851, in Yadkin Co., NC**; m Augustus Poindexter in 1868.

John Wilson, b. June ?, 1852 in Yadkin Co., NC; m Ruth Taylor

Margaret Elizabeth, b.ca 1854 in Yadkin Co., NC; m Frank Jester

Frances Cornelia, b. ca 1857 in Yadkin Co.; m John Patterson*

Tennessee (?Tully), b. ca 1860 in Yadkin Co.; m Wint Taylor

>>*America C. Angell was a third cousin of James Columbus Davis and John Patterson was a first cousin of Frances Cornelia.

>>**Yadkin Co., NC was the renamed Surry Co., NC.


The comments on Jesse Franklin Davis, my first great grandfather, in Earl’s book are a bit more comprehensive.  Whereas Eleanor’s comments are more extensive but there are a number of discrepancies between these two books.  Earl’s comments (supplemented by Eleanor’s which are  found on page 334 of her book) are:



Jesse F. Davis, son of Josiah and Louvina E. (Reece) Davis, born Oct. 15, 1844; died May 11, 1900; married Linda “Sophia” Willard, born June 5, 1850; died Oct. 14,1871 (at time of child birth).  She was a daughter of Joee and Elizabeth Willard.  Jesse F. married 2d.  in 1753 Sarah M. Hutchins, born Nov. 20, 1852; died June 7, 1932, daughter of Wm. And Mary (Hobson) Hutchins. See Hobson family history, p. 266.


                                    Child of Jesse F. and “Sophia” (Willard) Davis:

                        Luella, b. in 1871;  m Monroe Allen.  Both died at Stanford, N.C.


                                    Their Childrem:

                                                Lestrow Allen.

                                                Martie Allen.

                                                May Allen.

                                                Claud Allen.


                                    Children of Jesse F. and Sarah M. (Hutchins) Davis:


                        Jonah F., b. Oct. 25, 1874; m. Flora Burns.

                        Martha Jane,b.Dece.14,1876; m. Ettta Burns.

                        Mary Lee “Dovey”,b.Febr.14, 1881;d. Sept.1918. unm.

                        Louis F., b. Apr.10, 1883; m. Lois Green.

                        Thomas W.,b.June 5,1885; m. Mary Ann Hobson.

                        Plutina,b.Febr.9,1887;m. Jesse Blakey;m. 2. J.T.Smitherman.

                        Jesse,b.June 9,1889, died 2,2,1968;m Wilda Lineberry, died


                        Wiley H.,b. Feb. 4,1894; m. Susie Hobson, died Mar. 31, 1980

                                    Son: John W.Davis, See,Hobson family history.p.125.


The comments on my grandfather, Thomas W. Davis in both Earls  and Eleanor’s (page 415) books are minimal.  However, it is covered in the balance of Jim’s autobiography genealogy section.


Again, we recognize all of the ground-breaking work accomplished and published by Earl Davis and Eleanor Davis on our Davis Family ancestry, which has made it relatively easy to compile our Davis Family ancestry.  If only, it would be that easy to compile the Hobson, Ware and Pemberton ancestry!



Grandmother Mary Hobson Davis
  David    Hobson   ~1766      
  >>Hannah   Hobson   ~1776      
  David    Hobson   ~1790      
  >>Elizabeth   Hobson   ~1803      
  James L    Hobson   17 Jun 1832 Yadkin, NC 17 Mar 1893  
  >>Mary Jane Williams Hobson   13 Oct  1841   30 Mar 1863  
  John Henry   Hobson   23 Dec 1861   17 Dec 1929  
  >>Virginia Lee   Hobson   1 Jun 1865   9 Sep 1938  
  Mary Ann  Hobson Davis   17 Jul 1888 Yadkin, NC 6 Jul 1970 Marshall, IA
  Thomas Wilson   Davis   5 Jun 1885 Yadkin, NC 8 Nov 1961 Marshall, IA
Children of Above Listed Maternal Grandfathers
  John Henry   Hobson   23 Dec 1861   17 Dec 1929  
  >>Nannie Elizabeth   Hobson   7 Jul 1883   01 May 1917  
  >>John Edgar   Hobson   21 Sep 1885   24 Jan 1971  
  >>Mary Anne Hobson Davis   17 Jul 1888   06 Jul 1970  
  Earl Ethelbert   Hobson   15 Aug 1891   11 May 1966  
  >>Charlie Blake   Hobson   26 Aug  1894   ??  
  >>>>Rosa ??              
  >>Susie Margaret Victoria   Hobson   15 Apr 1897   ??  
  >>Nora Lee   Hobson   8 Sep 1899   06 Jun 1900  
  >>Laura May   Hobson   22 May ?   ??  
  >>Roy Joshua   Hobson   18 Oc 1904    ??